At Psyche Organic, the olive trees we cultivate are inextricably linked to the history and culture of Greece itself, embracing its uniqueness that has richly shaped its agricultural history.

Throughout our entire process, we prioritize and respect the environment, natural resources, the health of our consumers, and of course - the protection of the farmers themselves. Greek families caring for a few hectares of olive trees allow for both the owners and employees from the local community to reap the value of their work in a fair and public way. And keeping in mind the insurmountable problem of climate change and environmental pollution, we truly focus our efforts on organic growers becoming part of the solution, not part of the problem.

What they've cultivated is now in your hands. This variety of olive that prevailed in the southwestern Peloponnese after millennia of natural selection and human observation is called Koroneiki, a variety famous for its exceptional taste. To highlight these unique features, we focus on the production of single-variety olive oil to highlight our product, with both identity and name.

To do this well, we require a biodynamic and organic cultivation of the land, meaning that no herbicides are used during our cultivation process - only natural materials are used to keep the olives healthy. At the same time, our process produces a pure product that we can proudly offer to you, our consumer.

We hope you'll love what mother nature has created as much as we do.


All decisions of the company are made in the context of the environmental crisis. We must strive to do no harm. Wherever possible, our acts should serve to decrease the problem. Our business activities will be under constant evaluation and reassessment as we seek constant improvement. We know that our business activity — from transporting oil to packing our product — is part of the problem. We work steadily to change our business practices and share what we’ve learned. But we recognise that this is not enough. We seek not only to do less harm, but more good.

Maximum attention is given to product quality. At PSYCHE, we source the best product. Our criteria for the best product rests on transparency, natural taste, and, foremost, a biodynamic farming process. Among the most direct ways we can limit ecological impacts is through foods that will enhance life’s longevity, and packaging that can be recycled so the materials in them remain in use. Making the best product matters for saving the planet.

Diversity and sustainability are vital to natural systems of living things, but it’s not always clear how these traits translate into good business practice. We begin with the assumption that our business relies on natural resources to stay alive, and we are therefore a part of the system and obligated to maintain it. We embrace diversity and sustainability in all aspects of business.