Q & Affiliates with Signor Lievito

Q & Affiliates with Signor Lievito

1. What’s the story behind Signor Lievito?

Behind the story of Signor Lievito I would say it’s my sourdough that is more than 120 years old, that’s why I named it Mr. Sourdough (Signor Lievito) it comes from south of Italy - Naples, small town close to the sea side San Giorgio a Cremano. Thanks to the sourdough I opened my small bakery.

2. What’s the essence of Signor Lievito?

That would be PASSION for baking.

3. Which is the most ordered dish?

Its cinnamon Bulka (bun, brioche)

4. What are your goals for Signor Lievito?

For the moment its to focus on the place and build a great team, open an open space behind the bakery

5. Last meal?

Sirnichki - its ricottas nordic sweet baked pancake’s

6. Your must have ingredient in your fridge/pantry


7. A dish that brings you to your childhood.

Poppy seeded bulka

8. What’s the perfect pair to olive oil?


9. How would you describe Psyche Organic olive oil in one word?


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