Q & Affiliates with big fish

Q & Affiliates with big fish

1. What’s the story behind Big Fish?

Bigfisk is a collab between Big architects and Fiskebaren to run a staff canteen/restaurant for all the emploeyes at BIG HQ and Im so lucky to be the General manager with the daily responsibility for the kitchen and the food we make here everyday to 241 Bigsters.

The idea/philosophy about the food is based on seasonal locale ingrediens and mostly vegetables and fish, so we have 3 days a week witch is vegetarian and 2 days a week where is vegetables with a bit of fish. One time every 2 weeks we have a day with meat.

2. What’s the essence of the cooking?

Simple cooking with respect for the ingredients, and lets the ingredients speak for itself based on locale seasonale ingredients.

3. Which is the staffs favorite dish?

At the moment it's fried garfish with rhubarb/hibiscus chutney, new potatoes and olive oil or asparagus risotto.

4. What are your goals of things to still accomplish in cooking?

Show people how many amazing locale produced vegetables we have in Denmark and inspire people in cooking them in a lot of different ways, so they can have a lot of great dinner experience

5. Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

There is a lot, but the biggest of the all is nature and the change of season


6. Last meal?

A lot of vegetables and seafood, but the most important is that it's together with my family and the people I love most!

7. Your must have ingredient in your fridge/pantry

Good olive oil, egg and parmesan, then you always can make a great meal ☺

8. A dish that brings you to your childhood.

Hjerter I flødesovs med kartoffelmos….Braised heart of pork, filled with prunes and parsley, creamy sauce and mashed potatoes. A dish that both my mum and grandmother cooked in my childhood.

9. What’s the perfect pair to olive oil?

Uhh, so many options, grilled seasonal vegetables, freshly caught fish and seafood, burrata and sunriped tomatoes, but I actually think I will say a great fresh baked sourdough bread.

10. How would you describe Psyche Organic Olive oil in one word?


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